Monte Coupe

Monte Coupe


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We present to your attention a collaboration

Our friend and partner ARROW – a glassware boutique whose products are manufactured at the popular European facilities (Kimura, LSA). The owner is a bartender himself, so he realizes the importance and knows the details of working with glasses in bars. Our goal is to combine quality, handicraft and cost, while preserving the visual elegance of each piece.

A modern glass for the Sour cocktail category, as it has a large capacity. Monte is robust yet slim and elegant.

There is a legend that the shape of the Coupe glass is inspired by the female breast.

Therefore, the name Monte was taken, Monte is Europe’s largest boulevard of the Red Lanterns.

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Capacity – 250 ml.
Height – 18 sm.
Width (Diameter) – 9,5 sm.
Weight – 110 g.

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Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 20 cm
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