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BARTA Ambassador Collection

BARTA Ambassador Collection is a brand new category by the craft manufacturer of bartending tools from bartenders for bartenders created to combine with global trendsetters in the bartending industry for the sake of manufacturing unique bartending tools aiming to make a big contribution in the development of the cocktail culture of the Globe.

  • removable ashen tip covered with edible oil;
  • wodden teeth on the wooden working part are specifically angled, which enables better aerating and combining of the cocktail in its preparation;
  • ergonomic stainless steel handle with cogged knurling to increase the productivity due to the tighter grip between palms, which makes its use more comfortable.


Barta Turbo Swizzle is the first tool from Ambassador Collection, our new category of bartending equipment, developed in cooperation with the global Angostura ambassador, key figure of the world’s bartending industry, Daniyel Jones.

We stand for unification of cultures and traditions of different peoples, so it is not just a collaboration of a bartender and an equipment manufacturer, but also import of bartending traditions and techniques of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean, which date back to the times of Aztecs and Maya, into the global culture.

We aim to promote professional methods for preparing tropical cocktails and cultivate proper interpretation of drinks based on different kinds of rum – demonstrate they are not only the stereotypical cocktails we are all used to so much. We strive for authenticity, and Daniyel is such a bartender and our very good friend and global trendsetter who not only helped us to develop the tool but also became a face of our new product and is bringing to the masses the idea of proper drinks as well as methods and professional tools for their preparation.

Barta Turbo Swizzle will be a perfect match for preparing TIKI and Swizzle tropical cocktails. When developing it, we wanted to take the most of the traditional tool to have an even more productive result. Its name and shape are inspired by the original swizzle stick made of a plant called Quararibea turbinata, but unlike its organic prototype our product is a skillfully processed tool which confidently claims to be a global trend of functional design.

So why is it so unique?

First of all, our tool’s cap is not just a reference to its original name (turbinata), but also a technological solution to swirl the mixture of crush and cocktail into a powerful whirlpool. Owing to the innovative direction of nozzles, which repeat the shape of a propeller, Barta Turbo Swizzle allows you to achieve the highest aeration of a cocktail – saturate it with oxygen – from the maximum resistance. Thus, it allows you to quickly mix a cocktail using the swizzle method, as everyone knows that swizzle is one of the most aerating methods for preparing cocktails.

Second, when mixing, a drink only contacts with wood, which gives us a huge advantage in comparison with metal swizzle sticks, where owing to heat conduction of metal the drink quickly saturates with hydrogen and has no time to cool down properly. The wooden part of our swizzle stick is designed to prepare over 1,000 cocktails and can be easily replaced with a new one at any time, its handle with the special knurling enables a better grip with palms and saves energy and time of work, while thanks to the downward-directed balance of the swizzle stick the tool does not jump during work like its plant analogue.

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Weight 0.085 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 33 cm
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